Multiples Made EZ, LLC provides expert night nanny care for 1, 2, or 3 babies in the comfort of your own home.

Are you looking for overnight help when your newborn, twins, or triplets arrive?

Feeling overwhelmed or exhausted from many nights without good sleep?

Multiples Made EZ, LLC specializes in infant care for families with multiples. A full night of uninterrupted sleep, a few hours away, or learning proven and effective calming techniques for your newborn/s are just a few of the services that families have loved about Multiples Made EZ, LLC.

  • Available for Overnight Nanny Care
  • Infant Sleep Consulting
  • Guidance about Establishing Routines…and more

Facilitating the environment for well rested, well adjusted, happy children…and their parents


Having Zaneta available to bounce questions off of when something changed was incredible, and our twins were transitioned to their cribs and sleeping a full 11 hours at 12 weeks old, so we are absolutely believers in her expertise!Lindsay

Expert Advice

“She brought confidence, experience, and calmness into our home as she cared for our babies. I was surprised how quickly she soothed our babies and got them on a sleep schedule.” ~ Tracy

Confidence, Experience, Calmness