Night Nanny Care

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Night Nanny Care

1. We aren’t just for Multiples.
Despite the catchy name and our extensive client experience working with twins and even triplets, we have several families with one newborn who seek to have sleep at night and call upon our care to ensure that they get it.  If you have 1, 2, or 3 babies, we can assist you to make sure you get the much-needed rest in the early weeks that you desperately need.
2. Infant Schedule, Routine, and Sleep Consulting is included in your overnight care.
The saying goes that babies don’t come with an instruction manual. When you hire our expert team you can jump on the fast track of our favorite tried and true practices, products, and guidance along the way to minimize your trial and error efforts.  We continue to give you support and tips (if you want them) as long as we are seeing you on a weekly basis. Not only that, but you will be able to have text and email support if you have a question on a day/night that we aren’t scheduled to see you.  Many parents have said this is so valuable and cuts down the confusion and chaos of trying to sift through baby books that didn’t get read or trying to interpret the ones that were read. It reduces wasted money on products that aren’t exactly what they are looking for and adds clarity in implementing best practices.
3. You will get SLEEP.
The best part about overnight nanny care is that we arrive and take care of everything for you so that you can get uninterrupted sleep. Eight hours of sleep while waking up 2-4 times, consciously listening as you fall asleep for the baby monitor in the background, or peeking over to check on your grunting, squirmy newborn is not at all the same as 8 hours of continuous uninterrupted sleep. Even with using a night nanny just a couple times a week, parents report such a difference in their clarity, ability to handle the next day (especially if there are toddlers and older siblings in the house), and overall physical rejuvenation.  This sleep becomes especially important for any moms experiencing postpartum depression.  Even if you have twins or triplets, we are confident and able to handle your babies on our own so you can rest easy.
4. We have several moms who breastfeed.
It may seem like breastfeeding would make overnight help pointless. We have several moms who nurse, and we work with them to find the right arrangement for them and the baby.  This means that some moms adjust their feeding schedule a bit, possibly use the aid of a pump, or have us assist in bringing the baby to her during the night, and then take over the burping, changing, and settling of the baby after the feeding is complete. Most newborns have gas and often grunt, squirm, and need to take a few minutes to burp and get settled after feedings. This is especially helpful for mom because she can go back to sleep as soon as the feeding is done, and the nanny tends to the needs of the baby.
5. We are like family you can send away when you’re finished.
I have found that parents love the idea of a night nanny but it can be intimidating to have someone you do not know in your home, and caring for your precious baby. This often keeps parents from pursuing care.  While this is completely understandable, we are a lovely team of women who are passionate about infant care (all background checked and CPR certified) Our nannies have a nurturing and patient demeanor and extensive experience caring for infants.  Our families quickly build confidence and trust in our ability, and it isn’t uncommon for parents to give us the garage code and have us let ourselves in when we arrive. Each family has a no obligation FREE consultation with me before any scheduled care.  We also have several families that you are welcome to talk directly with as a reference about their experience using Multiples Made EZ.  We want you to get to know us and feel comfortable with our service so that you can experience the tremendous benefit others have in getting rest and support during the precious early days with your newborn.
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