Zaneta Evans has been providing expert nanny care specifically for families with multiples in the Indianapolis area throughout the past seven years. Her nanny care experience has included families with singletons, twins, and triplets. Many parents have benefited from Zaneta’s overnight nanny care so that they can get a full night of uninterrupted sleep while having their newborns cared for in their home.

Zaneta has also taught and consulted with many parents about calming techniques and healthy sleep habits for their infants which leads to longer sleep spans, less fussiness, and a better-rested baby. She also has experience helping parents figure out the schedule and routine that will work well for their baby which removes some of the stress parents feel while trying to care for a newborn, twins or triplets.

In September of 2013, Zaneta added to her resume her most notable achievement when she gave birth to her daughter, Ellyana.



Zaneta attended the University of Northern Iowa and has a bachelors degree in Health Promotion. Her coursework included a Maternal and Infant Health Course among various other nutrition and exercise courses.  Zaneta worked for three years for Genesis Health Systems managing wellness programs for their corporate clients before moving to Indianapolis and becoming a Multiples Care Nanny.  Zaneta has a passion for working with babies and especially loves newborns.