What is a night nanny/newborn specialist?

A Night Nanny/Newborn Specialist will provide all basic infant care including feeding, burping, diapering, soothing, and bathing if desired.  They can also provide sleep training, help with scheduling, and share tips, tricks, and information to assist you with your newborn. Upon agreement, a Night Nanny will do anything baby care related.

Why do I need a night nanny?

A Night Nanny will ensure that parents have the opportunity to get a night of sleep without interruptions. They also have experience and knowledge about newborns that will ultimately help your newborn/s get a full night of sleep as well. Decreasing sleep deprivation for parents is a vital part of maintaining productivity and maintaining health. Many parents feel better able to face the next day after a restful night of sleep. Many parents report being able to better care for their newborn/s and other children the following day. Some parents are able to recruit the help of family members but sometimes family may live too far away or they are only able to help for a short time.  Once you meet your night nanny, she will soon become like a family member you can use while you need to, and send home when you’re done!

I’m not sure about hiring someone I don’t know, how can I feel comfortable?

Many parents have a lot of reservations and questions when giving consideration to finding outside help to care for their children.  It feels awkward to hire a “stranger” to come into your home and care for your baby while you’re sleeping or while you’re away. For this reason Multiples Made EZ, LLC will provide a complimentary consultation to get acquainted prior to the first day or night of service.  No strings attached. Multiples Made EZ, LLC can also provide you with contacts of many previously served families who can tell you about their experience. And rest assured that your nanny has been background checked and is CPR certified as well.

How is a night nanny/newborn specialist different from a babysitter?

Babysitters love children but a night nanny is a professional who has years of experience and special knowledge as it relates to their area of work. They will be able assist and support you in the care of your newborns. Some families trust the care of a babysitter for a couple of hours or once their children become older but prefer to hire a professional for longer periods and overnight care.

Multiples Made EZ provides care for prematures babiesMy baby is premature, do you have experience with that?

Yes, prematurity is common with twins and triplets and even sometimes singletons. Multiples Made EZ, LLC has worked with premature babies, babies fed by NG tube and G tube, and those who need medication.

How long do people use night nannies?

It is different for each family. Some families choose to hire a night nanny for the first few weeks after coming home from the hospital while mom and dad are adjusting and possibly other siblings are adjusting. Mothers sometimes choose to have night nanny help until they have fully recovered from labor and delivery. Others choose to hire night help until the infant/s have completed sleep training and are sleeping most of or the entire night. It is up to the needs and desires of the family.

Could I still have a night nanny if I plan to breast feed my baby/s?

Yes! Many mothers have found it helpful to have a night nanny while still nursing their infant/s. Usually mothers will choose to nurse just before the designated arrival time of the nanny and then during the night feedings are handled however the mother requests.  Newborns can be squirmy and unsettled at times and the nanny would handle the baby care in between feedings. Mothers who are nursing twins at the same time have still found it helpful to have the nanny bring the babies to her so that she can get one situated and then have the other baby placed on the nursing pillow for her.  The nanny will also take care of burping and changing the baby so as soon as the feeding is complete the mother can go back to sleep while the nanny gets the babies settled.  MMEZ never discourages a mother from nursing and will work with each mom to meet her requests.

Can you accommodate a date night request?

Multiples Made EZ, LLC does provide date night coverage as it is available.