Night Nanny Care

Simple Steps for Safe Sleep that could reduce SIDS, Colic, Child Abuse, Postpartum Depression and Infant Suffocation

It is every parent and caregiver’s worst fear: to come upon an infant that isn’t breathing.  Unfortunately it happens hundreds of times each year and while some babies are able to be revived, others aren’t.  There are various causes for why this may happen, some are known, others are not. “Sleep deaths (from SIDS and suffocation) continue to be the #1 infant killer (between 1-12 months).”

Dr. Harvey Karp is well known for his work in the area of newborn and toddler care. His work is well respected and something that Multiples Made EZ, LLC practices and teaches willing parents about.  I have witness first hand the impact his teachings can have on newborns and their tired parents. In this article Dr. Karp addresses the simple steps that parents can take to make sure their infant is as safe as possible while sleeping.

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