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Tired toddlers at risk for growing up grumpy?

Many people will acknowledge the need for proper feeding and sleeping schedules for infants but often they overlook the true sleep needs of a toddler. Sleep is a somewhat individualized requirement but there are certainly guidelines to follow and better yet, results to consider.  It’s common that I have moms of babies I have worked with tell me that their baby is like a new child after they implemented an age appropriate nap and sleep schedule.  Often babies who develop good sleep habits and patterns turn into toddlers who have the same. Some parents think that their infant who doesn’t sleep well will mysteriously turn into an older infant or toddler who will…this isn’t usually the case. Of course there are the fortunate few who have their child’s sleep issues resolve with no real effort on their part but this is the rare case and not the usual sequence of events.

If you have a baby right now or are about to I encourage you to start early working with your infant to meet their sleep needs. If your baby has already turned into a young toddler it isn’t too late but it can be a bit more challenging to change the habits and patterns of a toddler than to guide an infant to an age appropriate sleep schedule.

Click to view this article which references a study done looking at tired toddlers and their moods.