Night Nanny Care

Study: Should Parents let babies cry it out?

It’s a question that most parents struggle with. When it comes time to teach your baby to fall asleep alone and sleep at night without your continued rocking, bottle feeding, etc. how is the “best” way to do it? Fortunately Multiples Made EZ has had experience helping parents establish timely and healthy sleep habits for infants so that this process involves minimal crying.  In fact there are some infants who are able to fall asleep alone with NO CRYING after their parents have been taught a few sleep training tactics and they have practiced them regularly.  When sleep training is started too young it is ineffective and when it is started too late it becomes more challenging and usually takes longer.  The good news is that even with some crying involved there is not thought to be any negative side effects for your infant according to the study and the result is likely to be a better rested mom and baby!

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