This is truly one of the best decisions we made with our twins.  We knew sleep was important to both them and us, and had read a ton of books before they arrived on how to instill good sleep habits, but the real-life assessment and advice made all the difference.  It’s one thing to read about the right things to do, it’s quite another to have someone SO knowledgeable in your house with your babies, helping you every step of the way.  Having Zaneta available to bounce questions off of when something changed was incredible, and our twins were transitioned to their cribs and sleeping a full 11 hours at 12 weeks old, so we are absolutely believers in her expertise! –Lindsay

The nanny care that we received from MMEZ was exceptional in all areas.  Not only did MMEZ allow us to sleep soundly knowing that our twins were being well taken care of, but each person employed by MMEZ has vast knowledge of infant care, sleep training and much more that they readily shared with us.  Even after reading baby books and having some experience with other babies, we would never have been able to find and put together all of the information that MMEZ gave us.  They addressed most of the problems that arose in the first few months and helped to fix them.  The MMEZ nannies kept in constant contact with each other and with us.   They would arrive each evening already knowing about everything that had transpired the night before (i.e. when the babies woke, how much they ate, if they were fussy, etc).  They would also contact us during the day to see how the babies were doing.   We felt so secure having such a diligent team taking care of our family.  By the time MMEZ had finished their work with us, our twins were sleeping through the night most evenings.   We were also able to put them down with their eyes open and they were able to self-soothe and put themselves to sleep.  This is invaluable for parents with multiples.  We feel that MMEZ had a very positive impact on our twin’s sleeping habit and schedule.  Our boys learned to self-soothe and put themselves to sleep. The MMEZ nannies set up a restful environment for them that made it easy for them to relax and sleep well. We would recommend MMEZ to anyone, even those with only one baby.  They made having newborn twins an enjoyable experience.  They took tired and stressed out parents, and consequently tired and stressed out babies, and turned everything around. — Christina

We had our second set of twins last May. After the first night with one baby in our hospital room, neither my husband nor I got any sleep. He was busy on his phone in the morning trying to find a night nanny. We remembered that with our first set of twins the first few months were so difficult mainly because we got little sleep. We decided we would pay any amount of money to get some sleep this time around. We were fortunate to find Zaneta right away. She brought confidence, experience and calmness into our home as she cared for our babies. I was surprised how quickly she soothed our babies and got them on a sleep schedule.Way before I got our girls on a sleep schedule. I strongly recommend Zaneta to all mothers that are expecting twins. Getting your sleep will make this new journey much more enjoyable. I truly believe that Zaneta is one of the best. –Tracy

We were blessed with twins in the summer of 2011, a girl and a boy.  We had no idea how difficult and exhausting it was going to be to manage our four year old son’s needs and schedule while tending to two newborn babies, all of course on little or no sleep.  Our twins had their days and nights mixed up, so they would sleep a lot during the day and unfortunately would be awake and crying all night long.  Though I didn’t know how I was going to do it, I was determined that I was going to be able to care for and meet the needs of my children on my own, without any outside help.  However, after five weeks of no sleep for either of us, my husband finally convinced me that we needed to look into nighttime nanny services for some help.  I had my reservations about such an arrangement – letting a total stranger into my home to care for my two newborn babies while I slept was way out of my comfort zone.  But I agreed to give it a try, and I’m so happy that I did! From the moment Zaneta walked into our home that first evening, I knew we had made the right decision to seek out a nighttime nanny.  She was such a calming force, very soothing and quietly confident.  Her demeanor put me at ease right away, and all of my anxiety and apprehensions about having outside help began to disappear.  As I began talking with her, I quickly learned that she was incredibly passionate about caring for children.  She was very well-read, knowledgeable, and experienced in caring for children, and multiples in particular.  And it was obvious watching her with my babies that she loved what she was doing.  She was very warm, loving, tender, and attentive to them from the beginning, handling them with great care and confidence.  She was such a natural with them.  The babies and I responded to this immediately.  That night they slept, and so did I!In addition to the amazing care Zaneta gave the babies, she was a huge resource for me.  She was well versed in techniques for soothing newborns, implementing schedules, and helping babies develop good sleep habits.  I was overwhelmed with my babies’ schedule (or lack thereof) and had no idea how to get them on a schedule,let alone one that coincided with my four year old son’s daily routine.  No surprise…Zaneta did.  She willingly shared with me her research and experience on what their daily schedule for sleeping and eating should and could be, and how I could get that schedule implemented.   She cited several sources for her recommendations, and shared with me her personal experience in establishing such routines with babies.  All of the advice, suggestions, and recommendations were given to us in such a kind, unobtrusive manner that never undermined our roles as parents or made us feel like we didn’t know what we were doing.  I believe Zaneta freely shared all of this information and helped us implement all of these changes for the benefit and well-being of our babies because she cared about them, loves what she does, and wants to make a positive impact in her client’s lives. In short, I can honestly say that having Zaneta as our babies’ nighttime nanny changed our lives.  Zaneta was instrumental in allowing us to get the rest we needed so we could better care for our children during the daytime hours.  It is amazing what sleep deprivation can do to a person!  She willingly and freely shared her research, knowledge, and practical experience on baby care (swaddling, scheduling, sleep routines, sleep training, etc.) and helped us to implement all those practices which resulted in well-rested, happier, and healthier babies.Zaneta is a truly wonderful individual who loves the work she does as a nighttime nanny.  Her calm and caring demeanor is very reassuring and comforting, not only to the babies she cares for but their parents as well.  Each night Zaneta was in our home, I knew that my babies were getting exceptional care from an extremely responsible, knowledgeable, and capable individual.  I feel very fortunate to have had Zaneta in our home and lives in this capacity.  My only regret is that we didn’t find her sooner!  –Amy

We had twins who were only a couple of weeks old when we decided to look for overnight help. Zaneta gave us a great first impression. She was very friendly, confident, and put us at ease right away.
She was knowledgable about infant care and had a lot of good tips for sleeping better and even provided written information at my request.
We were able to sleep well while the babies were being cared for.
We have no complaints about Zaneta at all. She was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, on-time and caring. I would recommend Zaneta’s service to any new or expecting parents.  –Kelly

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